Open daily 11am-4pm during our seasonal hours
March 15th through the day before Thanksgiving
Closed Thanksgiving through March 14th

Our Trading Post is an original log cabin built in 1887. The McClimans family built it near State Highway #7 and Cranberry Lake.

The gift shop has a large selection of items in varying price ranges for purchase. Our Trading Post gift shop is open for anyone wanting to trade money for goods. Teachers(on field trips) may want to decide in advance whether you and yours are in the shopping mood.

“What is it?” answers
picture #1-sock stretcher
picture #2-pick a roon
picture #3-nutmeg grinder
picture #4- shoe making form
picture #5-cream skimmer
picture #6-shotgun shell crimper
picture #7-stone bowl
picture #8-camas bulbs
picture #9-rug braider

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