Project Description


This traveling program will expose your students to the rich cultures of both Pioneers and Native Americans of the Ohop Valley 100 years ago.

Our unique “Hands On” approach to history, uses dozens of activities, to create a field trip in your own school. Learning areas are as follows:

Food: Preparation of Native American & Early Pioneer foods
Toys: Learning tools and vintage toys
Clothing: Dress up Pioneer style clothing
Barn: Blacksmith tools, woodworking (sawbuck & buck-saw, etc.)
Hunting & Fishing: Canoe shaping & arrowhead making
Crafts: String a bracelet from beans, card & spin a piece of wool
Daily Living: Grooming items & tools for daily living (old wringer washer)


  • Small schools (less than 400 students) – $750
  • Large schools (400 or more students) – $850
  • Extended day Program (last half hour of school) – $75.00
  • $300.00 to add an evening program when we are set up with the daytime program at your school.
  • All mileage for the traveling programs (beyond a 25 mile radius) will be charged $1.00 per mile round trip.
  • $100.00 deposit required for reservation, refundable if canceled 30 days prior

Our artifacts, replicas, learning centers and staff, provide each child with the chance to experience history with their own five senses. Our exhibit requires the entire gymnasium or equivalent. A video tape instructs students in what is available to use and how to safely use it before their activity time. Your school will receive a Pioneer Trails Handbook you your library, providing your teaching staff with worksheets, recipes, crafts and other activity instructions. Adult volunteers from your school are required.

Additional programs include an extended day (last half hour of school day) and an evening program (two hours)


Individual classrooms hear folk or Indian lore while hand crafting a personal keepsake

The four units available are:

Unit 1:  Pioneer Toy Making: moon spinner, corn husk doll, clay marbles, yarn doll
Unit 2:  Pioneer Living Skills:  make a candle, quill pen, bread
Unit 3:  Indian Hunting Skill:  arrowheads, slings, ring catch toy, owner stick
Unit 4:  Indian Living Skill:   cedar bark bracelet, cattail doll, headband, seed necklace

This program can provide between 4 and 20 class sessions per school/per day (20-30 students per session is ideal)

Hand-made candles at Pioneer Farm, Eatonville


  • $100.00 per class (all materials included)
  • Minimum of 4 class sessions per unit
  • An additional fee of $2.00 applies to each child over 30 in a classroom session.
  • All mileage for the traveling programs (beyond a 25 mile radius) will be charged $1.00 per mile round trip.


Experience our tours virtually through Zoom or Teams. Our engaging and interactive tour guides bring Pioneer and Native American culture experiences live to your computer screen.

Available Virtual Tours:

Cabins Tour and Pioneer Chores: visit two historical cabins built in the 1880s and learn about the trials of homesteaders; explore our Activity Cabin, where you experience the daily household chores of pioneer children
Native American Seasons Tour:  follow along on a forested trail and visit replicas of three seasonal homes of the Coastal Salish tribes of the Pacific Northwest; learn about the daily life and activities of Native American children
Pioneer Folklore:  visit our historic School Teacher’s Cabin (the original tiny home!) and our one-room schoolhouse; hear the tales and adventures of the original pioneer settlers in the Ohop Valley and the experiences of other Washington homesteaders

Seasonal availability: call for details


  • $150.00 per session
  • $75.00 per session scheduled in the same day
  • No limit for group sizes, but the smaller the group size the better the individual interaction
  • Great for classes, parties, and group experiences

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